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Genesis Homes is a division of one of the largest home builders, Champion Homebuilders Co. In as much, when you purchase a Genesis Home, you are getting a house built with the expertise and innovation gained from nationwide building experience.

Genesis Homes has factories throughout the country which build home models to state and local building codes (same as site-built) and that appeal to local preferences in home design and amenities.

Genesis Homes, furthermore, has committed itself to first rate architectural talent which has won numerous awards for their home designs. Genesis Homes’ off-site construction process offers the same or even better construction as compared to a traditional site-built home while building in a timelier and cost efficient manner which saves you money and hassle.

Genesis homes are built in a more timely and cost-efficient manner than a traditional site-built home. Our homes are built in optimal factory conditions and then transported to your site for installation.

Additionally, as part of one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, Genesis is able purchase its quality, name brand, materials from suppliers in bulk, and passes the savings on to you.

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Genesis Oregon Models
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Genesis of Colorado Models
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Genesis Redman Models
Genesis Redman Standard Features
Genesis Chandler Series Models
Genesis Chandler Series Standard Features
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