Our Green Building Commitment

Off-Site Construction is a building technique designed to utilize resources more efficiently. The factory building environment saves energy, reduces material waste and makes recycling easier all the while increasing consistency in quality and lowering costs.

Ecomodular Homes combines the greenness of factory built home modules with the best practices in on-site building techniques, such as work-site recycling, erosion control, and third party green building verifications, such as Energy Star and Build It Green certifications.

Some of our factories promote Green Building specifically. One of our California plants is a certified Green Factory. Barvista built the first LEED certified home in Colorado. Wardcraft specializes in Energy Efficient Homes with low VOC’s.

The vast experience of the Systems Built Construction team in the factory built housing industry leads to greater efficiency on your construction site with reduced waste and few mistakes that have to be redone which require additional energy and materials.

Systems Built Construction, Inc. is committed to Green Construction and is a proud Energy Star Partner, a Member of Build It Green, a certified California Home Energy Efficiency Rater, and an active participant in developing the new NAHB National Green Building Program.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this web site is general in nature and subject to change at any point in time. As such, it may not necessarily apply to all situations. Also, some pictures shown with optional design and decorative features for model home purposes only.
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