The Modular Home

How to Purchase, Plan, Finance, and Design a Customized Modular Home or Addition
by Andrew F. Gianino, Jr.

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432 pages, 8 1/2 x 10 7/8 trim size, full-color photographs and illustrations throughout.

Book: The Modular Home

To learn more about building a modular home, see the following chapter summaries of The Modular Home (325 pages) by Andrew Gianino, President of The Home Store.

Chapter 1:

Why Build Modular

Chapter 7:

The General Contractor's Responsibilities

Chapter 2:

Selecting a Dealer

Chapter 8:

Building a Modular Addition

Chapter 3:

Designing a Home

Chapter 9:

Financing a Modular Home

Chapter 4:

Specifications and Features

Chapter 10:

Warranty Service

Chapter 5 :

Selecting a General Contractor

Chapter 11:

Building on Schedule

Chapter 6:

Finding and Preparing a Building Lot

Modular building offers you the chance to purchase a high-quality home customized to fit your tastes, lifestyle, and budget. By setting the specs, price, and building schedule for your individual house up front, you will avoid the endless delays, shoddy workmanship, and budget overruns faced by so many home buyers who are building new or adding on.

Andrew Gianino shares his insider expertise to guide you in making the best choices at every stage of the modular building process, from selecting a dealer to designing and customizing features, choosing a general contractor, and preparing the building lot. With his detailed, sound advice you can be confident that you will get exactly what you ordered -- a beautiful, well-built, affordable new home or addition.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this web site is general in nature and subject to change at any point in time. As such, it may not necessarily apply to all situations. Also, some pictures shown with optional design and decorative features for model home purposes only.
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